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Our Culture

Équivoque Concept the exclusive terrace/rooftop is an exquisite Cocktail bar setting with an elegant outdoor bar and luxury design at the Hotel Miramar - Monaco. With its own entrance on Avenue d'Ostende, Équivoque offers a jaw-dropping menu of classic and creative handcrafted cocktails, including our Èquivoque Signature cocktail, and is a top-notch bar in the heart of Monaco.


It takes its name from the fact that often people do not listen to the end, because they are caught up in the speed of time, cell phones, work, stress, and this often leads to misunderstandings "misunderstandings". For this reason we want to give people the space and time to find themselves, with friends, relatives, colleagues, partners.


Entering Èquivoque you might think you will find a bar like many others ... and this is our forte, we have a selection of niche products, far from the usual labels, because we are part of a boutique hotel and this makes us a boutique bar .


We pay maximum attention to seasonal products, to the Italian and French PDOs and AOPs, as well as the care of the diet for this we have included the Kcal and nutritional values ​​on the menu.


Before we amaze you, we amaze ourselves by contributing to the feeling of an elegant and contemporary bar where every guest can enjoy relaxing with a drink, champagne and why not a cigar.

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When the cocktail turns into perfume

Équivoque Terrace Exclusive Monaco announces the first prototype menu in the world designed with these characteristics. 


Produced by the best master perfumers in the world of Grasse, on the French Riviera. This country is the birthplace of the most important and well-known master perfumers in the world.


We have created a collaboration with Maison Honoré who have reralized according to our objectives, six fragrances that reflect the cocktails that the guest will taste.


The experience is born similar to the experience inside a perfumery, in which the guest, once he has tried the fragrances, will choose one of these and finally taste the cocktail inspired by the perfume.


we also have three prestige fragrances for the guest who wants to go beyond all limits!


These are rare fragrances and included in the price:

The perfume, the glass and a NFT of the value of the cocktail


Bringing together a wide range of different experiences, backgrounds and personalities, the Équivoque exclusive terrace/rooftop team is made up of experienced bartenders and waiters, food and drink lovers, gourmets and cigar aficionados who have honed their craft in some of the best bars in the world . Always eager to share their passion with you, they are at your disposal to accompany you on a journey, engaging in discussions on flavors, history and techniques.


A carefully selected blend of liqueurs and ingredients is part of the secret for a good cocktail, but also in the selection of local champagnes and wines. But our expert mixologists know it's their passion for their craft that will turn every sip you drink into an unforgettable experience.

Terrace Équivoque Monaco, montecarlo, GPF1, rooftop, restaurant, cocktail, champagne, Nico

Nicola Buratto, F&B Manager

Nicola Buratto, born in Biella in 1987, began working in a private bank, but realizes that his path is elsewhere.

 He discovers a passion in the Spirits, transmitted by his coach @Daniele Losquadro, a passion that leads him after a short experience behind the counter in Milan, immediately on the Côte d'Azur and has now landed in the Principality of Monaco for 5 years.

He starts as a Barman to be part of the Team of a cocktail bar in the Principality, after a short time he becomes head barman and with his Team wins the first price for "best cocktail in Monaco 2018".

 In a short time he becomes Bar Manager of an international group, collaborates with the famous Beefbar restaurant of the Giraudi group.

Core soul of the "Équivoque" project, he has been collaborating for two years with @Imperium Group, and holds the role of F&B Manager of the Miramar hotel and Équivoque : "I want to be able to express my concept of Hospitality and organization in a team, we are here to win ".

Elia Secci, Bartender

Elia Secci 24yo super young bartender born and raised in Genova, his origins comes from Sardinia.

After completing his highschool studies in Hotelier he jumps straight in the hospitality world with the catering business, fastly developing from commis to chef de rang.


Fresh and young he starts his career in Monaco in one of the most famous restaurant.


Thanks to Nicola Buratto at the time bar manager of the group, he falls in love with the bar.

Counting on his skills devotion and determination he is aiming to became an Head bartender thanks also to the online course of the coach Daniele Losquadro “Mastermind of Bartending”

Today his biggest goal is to bring the level as high as possible and together with the take it into World’s ’50 best bar

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